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OakCare Medical Group – Our Leadership

OakCare Medical Group is a multi-specialty physician group dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to the people of Alameda County, one of the most culturally diverse counties in the United States. Our goal is to provide excellent physician services to Alameda Health System, fulfilling a dual mission: delivering comprehensive health services to all who seek them; and training new physicians through our residency programs, to carry our mission into the future.

OakCare Medical Group is a California professional corporation owned by individual physician shareholders that elect a Board of Directors to provide overall leadership and governance to the organization. The Board meets once a month and is comprised of many of the physician leaders of the organization and is representative of the various medical specialties found at OakCare.

Board of Directors – responsible for overall leadership and governance of the medical group. In addition to the Board of Directors, there are three designated Board Committees that provide oversight to the operations of the medical group.

  • Executive Committee – reviews and monitors the ongoing business operations of OakCare.
  • Finance Committee – provides financial oversight.
  • Human Resources Committee – charged with policy development and monitoring the workforce.
  • Chief Executive Officer – is responsible for the day to day administration of the group as well as providing detailed financial management and oversight

OakCare Medical Group Executive Committee

Rachel Baden, MD

Vice President

Internal Medicine

David Hoffman, MD

Vice President

Maternal Child Health

Tom Frohlich, MD



Robert Savio, MD



Lasha Pierce, MD

Vice President
Maternal Child Health

Steve Sackrin, MD

Vice President

Internal Medicine

Nick Nelson, MD

Vice President


Eric Snoey, MD

Chief Financial Officer

Emergency Medicine

Donna Carey, MD

Vice President

Maternal Child Health/


Peter Hohl

Chief Executive Officer

OakCare Medical Group

Sophie Shabel, MD

Vice President

Maternal Child Health

Barry Simon, MD

Vice President

Emergency Medicine

Guiding Principles – What We Aspire To Be


1. Independence and Self-Governance

  • Elected and representative physician leadership
  • Leadership Development – building the future leadership of OakCare
  • Physician peer relationships that encourage participation in OakCare affairs


2. Group Responsibility

  • Physician collaboration in the delivery of care across specialties
  • Professional Development – medical education and managing high quality care as part of a care delivery system


3. Quality Medicine

  • Integrated care across multiple care settings, populations, specialties and care teams
  • Evidence based medicine and the sharing of best practices
  • Peer Review – physicians receive regular feedback and training on clinical and service performance
  • Preventive Care/Community Health – promote healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, health risk assessment and education


4. Stewardship of Resources

  • Ethical Compensation – compensation practices that are fair and equitable and support physicians in making the best clinical decisions for patients
  • Performance Improvement – key aspects of care delivery are measured with the goal of fostering innovation and improvement
  • Utilization – physician and Alameda Health system together help control the entire episode of care to determine the appropriate care in the appropriate setting at the appropriate time
  • Cost of Care – provide effective and efficient diagnosis and treatment to improve quality and eliminate waste


5. Teaching

  • Training new physicians to carry OakCare’s mission into the future


6. OakCare/Alameda Health System Relationship

  • Partnership in Care – partnering with patients to empower their decision making and to share responsibility for their care
  • Culturally Competent Care – patients cultural diversity and health care preferences are respected and accommodated
  • Support Systems – operational systems and procedures that provide an environment for and enable the provision of high quality, resource effective, and culturally competent care

About OakCare

OakCare Medical Group provides the highest quality care to the Alameda Health System and the people of Alameda County in fulfillment of it's dual mission of delivering comprehensive health services and training new physicians.

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